Evaluation and Treatment

  • Neck and back injuries
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Joint injuries: shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, ankles and feet
  • Work related injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Concussion
  • Arthritis and other rheumatoid disorders
  • Chronic pain, myofascial pain syndrome and Fibromyalgia
  • Hand Therapy

Specialty Programs and Classes

Sport Specific Training Programs

Getting ready to return to a sport for the season, trying a new one for the first time, or want to improve your skills? Try our programs for skiing, golf and tennis. Other sports coming soon.

  • ACL Prevention Program

Our ACL prevention program is the first of its kind in the mid-coast area. An ACL tear for any athlete is a costly injury, however many do not realize that this type of injury, surgically reconstructed or not, can lead to early onset of degenerative joint disease. Our goal with this program is to teach athletes of all ages how to best prevent this type of injury.

  • Concussion Management

Each program is tailored to an individual patient's needs. A treatment plan may include:

Cervical and cranial Manual Therapy

Vestibular Exercises

Oculomotor Exercises

Exertional program/Return To Play activities

Education and Symptom Management Techniques

We collaborate with all team members involved in a patient's care; this may include primary care physcian, neuropsychologist, athletic trainer, and school nurse or counselors.

  • Running Clinic

Our clinics offer local runners a view of their technique that they have never seen before. Our therapists will use biomechanical evaluation and video analysis to help you improve form, prevent injury, and meet your running goals. Not only will you receive one-on-one evaluation, but we will recommend shoes, exercises, and give you tips to improve your running. We can also discuss the merits and risks of the minimal running/ barefoot running and make reccomendations based on your individual presentation and goals.

  • Posture/Back Class

For anyone struggling with poor posture and back, neck and shoulder pain, our classes help people get back to the activities they enjoy. Our classes utilize the principles of normal biomechanics in combination with the time tested principles of pilates and yoga to relieve pain and dysfunction.

  • Bike Fitting

A bike that fits is a joy to ride and bike fit can be tailored towards reducing injury risk, increasing comfort, improved handling or towards going faster.

  • Biomechanical Evaluation and Custom Orthotics

For many of us, our feet could be helping us more, with deficits in strength or alignment. This can cause not only foot pain, but can commonly bother the knees, back and even the neck. You will receive a thorough biomechanical evaluation of your body as well as an orthotic evaluation to determine if you will benefit from shoe inserts. We can customize orthotics to most any type of shoe or sport. Bike shoes, ski boots and even womens' high heels can be accommodated.


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