Payment Information

Payment Information

One hour of physical therapy care costs $152.00. A half-hour appointment is $76.00. First appointments are typically 1 hour but can run to an hour and a half. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Physical therapy costs are tax-deductible and Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) eligible.

Snow Sport and Spine is a non-participating provider with most insurance companies. This allows us to keep our rates low and allows us to concentrate on doing what we do best: providing physical therapy. We do not sign contracts that discount the quality service we provide. This also means we do not inflate our costs to offset decreased reimbursement from insurance companies. Our rates are approximately ½ or less of other area clinics. We do see patients with worker’s compensation benefits and motor vehicle claims. We will verify coverage of worker's compensation and motor vehicle claims prior to commencing treatment.

We will gladly provide you with a visit history form that contains the information you need to submit to insurance such as procedure and diagnosis codes and Snow Sport and Spine practice information. Submit this form along with your insurance reimbursement form to your insurance company. Your reimbursement will depend on what your physical therapy insurance benefits are. You can determine this by calling your insurance company and asking, “What is my out-of-network physical therapy benefit?”

We do not accept Medicare or MaineCare. Patients who have insurance coverage through Medicare or MaineCare should not antiicpate reimbursement from these providers. For further information about Medicare or MaineCare benefits, please call us. If we are unable to see you, we will gladly refer you to the most appropriate local physical therapist for your situation.

For any payment/insurance questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 207.230.0700.

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