Therapists return from Advanced Coursework

Therapists return from Advanced Coursework

Physical therapists Katie Snow and Trevor Mills recently completed advanced coursework in manual medicine. The course was entitled: "Advanced Clinical Pearls: 100 Years of Experience," taught by senior osteopathic physicians Phillip Greenman, DO and Edward Stiles, DO. The course is part of Michigan State University's College of Osteopathic Medicine continuing medical education series offered to MDs, DOs and PTs. The course was offered in Tucson, AZ.

The course focus was integration and refinement of multiple manual medicine sub-disciplines and strategies for determining which of many possible movement problems is the key dysfunction. The key dysfunction is the physical restriction that the body has adapted and compensated for initially. The ability of the system to compensate for further dysfunctions is compromised, and eventually, generates the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back." Thus, frequently the symptom that drives a patient to seek help is different than the dysfunction that is taxing the body's ability to compensate. Successful treatment of a key restriction will often radically change the presentation of a patient's symptoms. Musculoskeletal symptoms that respond briefly to intervention, but quickly return often indicate that the underlying key dysfunction was not addressed. This course further underlined the importance of screening and evaluating regions of the body that might not be close to the area of patient's reported pain.

Snow comments, "This is why evaluation of the entire system is imperative to a patient's full recovery. If the key is found and treated successfully a patient's pain is dramatically reduced and they recover much more quickly."

Snow Sport and Spine is a physical therapist owned direct access clinic on route 90 in Rockport. Both physical therapists are well trained in treating complicated back pain and assess the entire musculoskeletal system when evaluating a patient's injury. To speak to a physical therapist at Snow Sport and Spine, call 230-0700. More information is available at


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