Custom Orthotic Footbeds Now Available

Custom Orthotic Footbeds Now Available

Snow Sport and Spine is now offering custom orthotic shoe inserts. Both physical therapists, Katie Snow and Trevor Mills, have trained with foot biomechanics expert Brian Hoke, PT of Atlantic Physical Therapy of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A foot orthotic device is used to help correct abnormal biomechanics or reduce strain on the muscles and joints of the leg and foot. Although they can be very useful in reducing foot pain, orthotic devices are also useful in addressing pain in the knee, hip and low back. The primary advantage of a custom device is that it is specially designed to meet the patient’s unique circumstances.

At Snow Sport and Spine, a thorough examination is completed before electing to proceed with a custom orthotic. This examination includes a detailed history, assessment of strength and flexibility, observation of walking and/or running as well as functional movement patterns. This examination will leave the practitioner and the patient with a clear understanding of their leg and foot biomechanics, their individual goals and what type of orthotic will work best for the their activity level.

During this time we can also determine whether an "over the counter" orthotic (available in drug or sporting goods stores) might also be appropriate for your needs. If this is the case we can recommend the specific type for your foot needs. Keep in mind, these devices can be helpful, but don’t always work for every foot type or problem. A custom orthotic allows us to fit your body’s specific needs.

Snow and Mills can be reached at 230-0700 and would be glad to answer questions regarding orthotics. They routinely treat orthopaedic, sports related and spine related injuries and pain.

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