Advancing Manual Physical Therapy Skills

Advancing Manual Physical Therapy Skills

Local Physical Therapist Trevor Mills recently attended a Continuing Medical Education course at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. MSU offers ongoing advanced manual medicine courses to MDs, DOs and PTs. This was the third advanced course that Mills has attended at MSU.

The coursework emphasis included mobilization and prescriptive exercise for adverse neural tension which is a common component of sciatica, hamstring, neck and hand issues. Also included were specific techniques for addressing joint problems at the shoulder, spine and hip.

The course was co-taught by physical therapist Mark Bookhout and Lisa DeStefano, DO, and was taught in a combined lab and lecture setting in MSU’s osteopathic manual medicine lab.

Mills is one of two physical therapists at Snow Sport & Spine, a Rockport based physical therapy clinic specializing in sports medicine and spine care. Treatment emphasis is on restoring normal joint mobility and normal biomechanics through specific exercise and manual mobilization of the nerves, muscles and joints.


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