A Letter to Our Patients

  • 10/23/2013

    October 8, 2013

    To Our Valued Clients,

    It's been such a pleasure to work with you. Thank you so much for entrusting your road to physical well being with us, we truly appreciate the opportunity.

    Due to the rising costs of doing business; we will be raising our rates slightly next month. Our rates will increase $1.00 per 15 minute increment. 30 minute visit will now be $64.00 and an hour will increase to $128.00.

    15 minutes $32
    30 minutes $64
    45 minutes $96
    60 minutes $128

    Our Pilates studio rates will be increasing to $60.00 for a 55 minute session.

    We are committed to providing you with excellent care and service. We hope that you feel the health benefit you receive from us is worth the cost. As always, we are willing to work with your finances and consider payment plans.

    Thank you for your support and understanding,
    Trevor and Katie


AAOMPT Conference 2008: "Pain: From Science to Solutions"

  • 11/13/2008

    Local Physical Therapist Katie Snow recently attended the annual conference of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists which was held in Seattle, Washington (AAOMPT). Pain: From Science to Solutions, the conference theme, speaks to the unique role physical therapists have in combating pain. Pain from musculoskeletal problems, such as back and neck pain, is a leading cause of healthcare utilization. Manual physical therapy techniques such as spinal mobilization play an important role in pain relief for patients throughout the United States. Manual physical therapy includes the use of hands-on techniques including joint and soft-tissue mobilization designed to restore motion and reduce pain.

Advancing Manual Physical Therapy Skills

  • 11/13/2008

    Local Physical Therapist Trevor Mills recently attended a Continuing Medical Education course at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. MSU offers ongoing advanced manual medicine courses to MDs, DOs and PTs. This was the third advanced course that Mills has attended at MSU.

    The coursework emphasis included mobilization and prescriptive exercise for adverse neural tension which is a common component of sciatica, hamstring, neck and hand issues. Also included were specific techniques for addressing joint problems at the shoulder, spine and hip.

    The course was co-taught by physical therapist Mark Bookhout and Lisa DeStefano, DO, and was taught in a combined lab and lecture setting in MSU’s osteopathic manual medicine lab.

April 3 Update: "Today's normal"

  • 4/3/2020

    Katie and Trevor have just wrapped our first two weeks of providing all of our physical therapist services via telehealth. We've seen many of current patients this way and started new patients as well. We're much more comfortable with the technology and pleasantly surprised at how much professional value we can provide through this medium (especially for therapists who identify as "manual therapists"! ).

    In order to do our part to "flatten the curve" and avoid exposing any of our patients to undue risk we are going to continue to only provide telehealth visits through the month of April. If it seems reasonably prudent to provide care in person prior to that, we'll certainly re-evaluate. Physical therapy is deemed an "essential service" but delivering outpatient care, in person, isn't worth the risks, especially with a viable, if not ideal, alternative.

    Our schedules are not perfectly rigid right now, but roughly look like this:

Benefits of spinal surgery disappear after 6 months

  • 11/13/2008

    Physical Therapy offers same outcomes for patients with sciatica 6 months after surgery.

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical TherapistsA recent study published in the British Medical Journal reports that spinal surgery for patients with sciatica offers a short term benefit, but by 6 months that benefit disappears and no difference is seen between patients who had surgery and those receiving physical therapy. The study suggests that the benefits of surgery are only short-term and conservative treatments such as physical therapy may offer the same outcome.

Custom Orthotic Footbeds Now Available

  • 11/13/2008

    Snow Sport and Spine is now offering custom orthotic shoe inserts. Both physical therapists, Katie Snow and Trevor Mills, have trained with foot biomechanics expert Brian Hoke, PT of Atlantic Physical Therapy of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    A foot orthotic device is used to help correct abnormal biomechanics or reduce strain on the muscles and joints of the leg and foot. Although they can be very useful in reducing foot pain, orthotic devices are also useful in addressing pain in the knee, hip and low back. The primary advantage of a custom device is that it is specially designed to meet the patient’s unique circumstances.

Fall Sports Are Here!

  • 10/22/2013

    Back to school means back to sports for many midcoast athletes. From our perspective, fall means school athletes with overuse injuries and the occasional traumatic injury. These overuse injuries are often knee injuries, but sometimes feet, hips and back injuries too. Often these injuries can be prevented and the best news is there is still time. Some carefully added mobility and stability activities fine tuned for each athletes needs can make the difference between a season on the sidelines and one on the field. These kinds of injuries are often the nagging "aches and pains" that turn into monsters when added to daily practice, intense games and the added stress of schoolwork. Ask us how we can prevent and mitigate these issues before the season is gone.

    And, of course, if that injury whether overuse or traumatic does occur, we are the best prepared PTs in the area to get that athlete healthy and back on the playing field and keep them there.


February 13, 2020 Snowy Day

  • 2/13/2020

    It is a snowy day today! We are open and seeing patients but if you are not comfortable driving, please call 207-230-0700 and leave a message,and we will reschedule you.

Friday March 20 COVID 19 Update

  • 3/20/2020

    Happy Friday everyone,
    We hope that everyone is well and is continuing to be proactive about their health and happiness given the continued recommendations of social distancing for COVID-19. Trevor and I are getting up to speed on the best ways to continue providing you with physical therapy services while maintaining the appropriate safety to not spread this infection. We will not be seeing patients in the clinic for the week of 3/23.
    The best option for patients to continue their care is via telehealth visits with us. We have set up a video-conferencing software that will allow us to connect with you on your phone, computer or tablet. We can check-in, answer any questions, progress exercises and problem solve issues you are having. We understand that this will not make sense for everyone's care, and we will be reaching out to help make a plan.

Guest WiFi Now Available!

  • 12/9/2014


    WiFi Logo

    We're pleased to announce that Free WiFi Internet access is now available to our patients and their guests in our waiting room.

January 16, 2020 Snowy Day

  • 1/16/2020

    Just a quick update for today- we are open and seeing scheduled patients. As always,  if driving in this weather isn't your style, give us a call and we'll re-schedule you gladly. Sara and Kristin are likely working from home today, so leave a message on the voicemail 207-230-0700 or send us an email ( infoatsnowsportandspine [dot] com ), and we'll get back to you as quick as we can! Happy Snow Day!

June 17, 2020 - We are seeing patients in the office.

  • 6/17/2020

    We are in the office with an abundance of precautions to keep everyone who comes to our office healthy. We are currently having only one patient in the office at a time. Trevor is working on Mondays and Wednesdays and Katie is working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are happy to have you come in for some treatment! Please call the office for an appointment.


Local Physical Therapist Joins Specialty Clinic

  • 11/13/2008

    March 6, 2008 (Rockport, ME) - Trevor Mills, physical therapist, announced today that he will be accepting new and former patients immediately at Snow Sport and Spine, Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Center in Rockport. Mills has joined his wife, Katie Snow, DPT in their physical therapy clinic on West Street near the Camden Hills Regional High School.

    Mills has practiced orthopaedic physical therapy locally for the last 4.5 years and has achieved Board Certification in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. His areas of clinical interest include: biomechanics, treatment of the spine, shoulder dysfunction, ankle and foot dysfunction as well as sports rehabilitation.

March 15 COVID 19 UPDATE

  • 3/15/2020

    To our friends and patients of Snow Sport & Spine

    We are working hard to figure out how to find the balance between providing the healthcare our patients need and practicing good public health policy. This is clearly an unusual and uncertain time in each of our lives. We are following best practices from the CDC with additional strategies we can do in the office to decrease risk. We recognize that guidance is changing daily and it can be hard to stay updated.

    We will continue to follow hand washing hygiene strategies and sanitize surfaces.

    We are going to space our scheduled patients out to minimize interaction of patients in the waiting room and provide additional time to wipe down handled surfaces (door knobs/ counters/ seat rails/ bathroom surfaces/ whatever else we think might have been in contact with someone else). You might see another patient in the parking lot, but likely not in the office.

March 17 Covid 19 Update- Closed 3/17 to 3/20

  • 3/17/2020

    March 17: To our friends and patients of Snow Sport & Spine

    A great deal has changed in the 2 days since our last message. Reluctantly and responsibly, we have made the decision to close the office through the weekend (3/22). We are reaching out to all patients who have appointments this week individually and making a plan for their care. Over the weekend, we'll make the decision about what happens the week of 3/23 to 3/27. Many folks are planning on April at this point.

    Kristin, Trevor and Katie will be working from home, and will do their best in timely responses to your messages. Our intent is to check messages (e mail and phone) multiple times per day (first at 9:30, last at 4:30, M-F).

May 20, 2020 In Person Visits & New Procedures

  • 5/20/2020

    Snow Sport & Spine New Procedures

    Dear Snow Sport and Spine community,
    We reopened our office earlier this month to in person visits and have implemented new procedures for your safety.

    We have modified our schedule and we are limiting movement in the office. Trevor is now working on Monday and Wednesday and Katie is working on Tuesday and Thursday. Kristin is working in the office on Fridays to do billing and all tasks she can't do from home. We are still in our first stage of opening and we are hoping to get Kristin and Sara back in the office on a more normal schedule as well as Felicia starting to see patients as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

May 5, 2020 Update: Reopening Next Week

  • 5/5/2020

    Snow Sport & Spine Re-opening

    Dear Snow Sport and Spine community,

    We are excited to begin the re-opening of our office. Over the next week we will be implementing new procedures for your safety. We have ordered masks, gloves, sanitizer, and disinfectant and are awaiting their arrival.

    We will be modifying our schedule as our daughter Amelia will be schooling from home and we need to limit movement in the office. Our first plan is to have Trevor work on Monday and Wednesday and Katie will work on Tuesday and Thursday. Kristin will then be in the office on Fridays to do billing and all tasks she can't do from home. This is our first stage of opening and we hope to get Kristin and Sara back in the office on a more normal schedule as well as Felicia starting to see patients as soon as we feel it is safe to do so.

Physical Therapist Assistant Felicia Files Recently Completes Neural Manipulation Course

  • 9/13/2016

    Physical Therapist Assistant Felicia Files recently completed the first course in The Barral Institute’s Neural Manipulation Series. This 3 day, hands-on course titled Neuromeningeal Manipulation: An Integrative Approach to Trauma (NM 1) was taught by Mark Bookout, PT in Chicago, IL. NM 1 is a specialized course emphasizing manual therapy techniques which identify and release local nerve restrictions that can result from a traumatic injury such as concussions & whiplash. This gentle technique combines light pressure and passive movement of the nerve tissue to reduce the pressure on the nerve by restoring it to it's original length. This gentle release can reduce chronic irritation and inflammation, reduce pain, and restore blood flow and conductivity in the nerve improving it's overall function. Neural Manipulation Therapy is a very gentle but powerful addition to any treatment protocol and can offer unique, results focused treatment for concussion patients.

Physical therapists offer low-cost solution to increasing health costs

  • 11/13/2008

    Spinal Mobilization, Exercise and Advice Offer Patients an Effective Alternative for Back Pain

    Rockport, ME. March 18, 2008 - Health care expenditures for patients with spinal conditions are rising without an associated increase in health status, according to a February, 2008 research report appearing in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study suggests Americans may be wasting their money for treatments as the overall proportion of people with impaired function increased from 1997-2005, despite a 65% increase in expenditures to treat spine conditions. Physical therapists offering spinal mobilization, exercise, and advice can provide an effective alternative for patients with back and neck problems, often at a lower cost.

Physical Therapy: Why Wait for the Care You Need?

  • 11/13/2008

    Injuries happen at the most inconvenient times, particularly during the overscheduled lives many of us lead. You've finally gotten in to see your physician and they may have recommended some physical therapy to speed of the healing process and get you back in the game. You are motivated, maybe a little nervous about what PT will consist of but you are ready, because your life is happening and you can't keep up the way you want to. The last thing you want to do is wait to get into see a physical therapist- Especially if that means weeks.

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